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My FAVORITE ice cream place in town, OK let's be honest....in all of Ohio.  Located in downtown Lebanon off of historic Main Street, Whit's offers daily made custard in all sorts of amazing flavors.  There are flavors and the week and the day that change regularly.  The calendar on the left shows the schedule of the upcoming flavors if you have a favorite.  They also have the regulars you would expect: sundaes, cones, blizzard type desserts called Whitsers, and my favorite the Whittie- a chocolate chip cookie sandwich with vanilla custard.  They also sell amazing ice cream cakes and their best flavors by the quart in the freezer on the right after you walk in.  And the staff is super friendly and patient even with the long lines and indecisive customers.  It's usually a strong group of high school kids that work there at least the entire year- always very friendly.

— Doug W.

Amazing. I can't get enough frozen custard! The service is great and I love the right-in-town location. Whit's is my favorite place to go!

— Issac S.

Thanks for packing my quarts in ice for my journey home to KY...Your customer service is awesome!

— Jennifer T.

You can not go through Lebanon without stopping by Whit's for a cool down. The "Custard" is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere in this place is fantastic. It has the old time ice cream parlor feel right off of the main street in Lebanon. Inside the employees are helpful and you can sit at one of the tables or grab a stool along the wall. The custard is delicious....extremely creamy and much smoother than normal ice cream. I think I had the Caramel cookies and Cream last time I was there and it was to die for. The prices are pretty good here and I've never had much trouble finding street parking to get it. 

If you go through town here and don't stop then you are really missing out.

— Kenny S.